Bombardiers 248-PLA-0010新毒性测试


Bombardiers 248-PLA-0010新毒性测试
庞巴迪 248-PLA-0010 DIN5510新毒性测试
Bombardiers 248-PLA-0010 DIN5510新毒性测试-测试方法
DIN 5510-2 : Preventive fire protection in railway vehicles; Part 2: Fire behaviour and fire side effects of materials and parts, classification, requirement and test methods / DIN 5510-2: 火车材料和部件燃烧性能和并发现象,分类,要求和测试方法
Bombardiers 248-PLA-0010 DIN5510新毒性测试-测试简介
DIN 5510-2 : 2009 Annex C and annex D, test method according to ISO 5659-2  - Toxicity of smoke by FTIR technique. 
In addition to the above test, smoke analysis (requested by Bombardiers 248-PLA-0010):
DIN 5510-2 附录C和附录D,采用ISO5659-2标准,用FTIR傅氏转换红外线光谱分析仪方法分析烟雾毒性。
除了以上测试,烟密度分析采用Bombardiers 248-PLA-0010庞巴迪标准。
- Isocyanate
- Phosgen
- Ammonia,
- Acrolein
根据DIN 5510-2 附录D标准,在测试的第4分钟和第8分钟采集气体。
Measurement of the gases will be done on 4. and 8. minutes corresponding to the measurement described in DIN 5510-2 Annex D
Bombardiers 248-PLA-0010 DIN5510新毒性测试-样品要求
75mm*75mm*Thickness less than 25mm
Bombardiers 248-PLA-0010 DIN5510新毒性测试-参考标准
DIN 5510-2: 火车材料和部件燃烧性能和并发现象,分类,要求和测试方法
DIN 5510-2 : 2009 Annex C and annex D DIN 5510-2标准附录C 和附录D
ISO 5659-2: 塑料-生烟性测定-第2部分:单烟箱光密度测定
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